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20 July 2016:

First class treatment in delicate premises. Recommended!

Maja Dinéh Sørheim

09 March 2016:

Thank you for two wonderful hours with Thai massage today. Lovely performed by sweet Noi. Thank you. I'm going again!

Helene R. Ottersen

26 November 2015:

Fatima Akhtar

28 October 2015:

Fantastically skilled and very good service! Recommended!

Hanne Gulliksen

07 November 2014:

Thank you so much for a very good Thai Medicine Massage & Oil Massage today. Have a nice weekend Noi & enjoy yourselves Hugs

Maria Luisa Creencia Carballo

18 July 2014:

Very nice lady(s) approached me. Lovely feet, head and back massage. very clever! pleasant surroundings. nice prices! Highly recommended! :)

Frode Standal-Byrø

23 June 2014:

RECOMMENDED !!! Clean & Nice & good service. Use to take medical Thai massage and oil massage the same day :D Thanks ♥

Maria Luisa Creencia Carballo

10 January 2014:

Lovely way to start the weekend - thanks for a wonderful massage. Nice for a stiff body

Pelle Haukaas

08 January 2014:

Was there again today and got two full hours of aromatherapy, it was like going to heaven! She is just amazing! So nice and clean and not to mention cheap! Two hours 800 kr. I'll be back, that's for sure

Hilde Jørgensen

16 December 2013:

Ida Gabrielsen Lauritzen

04 October 2013:

Genuine extra service, highly recommended. A Thai oasis in a homely environment. Looking forward to next time!

Trine Roberts Bjørnbakk

19 September 2013:

Simen Gulbrandsen

13 June 2013:

I was at your place at 2:00 p.m.
Thanks for the nice treatment.

Glenn Skaalerud

27 March 2013:

Has been and got very good massage at a reasonable price. Recommend Jada the warmest. Got a combo of deep medical and traditional oil massage that sat right on target for me. So if you want to take care of your body go there and enjoy. Noi has wonderful good hands and squeeze so hard that it feels deeply. Very clever.

Best regards
Bård Skaug

13 February 2013:


I was very pleased with the treatment. If it's possible to come next Saturday 16th February I would like to come back.


Maria Luisa

12 February 2013:

Well-being at a high level!

Thanks for the lovely hour I had with you today.
Took a traditional Thai massage today and it can be recommended strongly.
Noi has a strong grip
Have now purchased 4 gift cards because this I want for my family and friends.
Looking forward to trying out other treatment options on the list, exciting.
Wellness at high levels in comfortable surroundings!

Heidi Sørensen

05 February 2013:


Hey you

Have after work today been at Jada Spa and Massage in Lørenskog, it's both reasonably priced and very good.

Check out the URL:

It's like coming to Thailand, incredibly good and can be recommended. I had a one-hour massage and got herbal treatment with some kind of hot steamed bag with fragrant herbs. Incredibly comfortable. Took about 1.5 hours at NOK 400. I don't think it's possible to find anything at that price and quality in Norway.

Now I have a lot to do, and not to mention that it was not much of a post today

Hug Nikki

01 November 2012:

Hi and thank you for a great massage!!!! I feel much better in the whole body and will come back for more treatments.

Have a nice day!

Lisbeth Fjellstad

20 August 2012:

Today's recommendation ....

Was greeted by the incredibly sweet Noi when I came ... I really got the feeling like I was back in Thailand when I came inside, it was clean everywhere, flowers and candles, and lovely music. I got clothing to wear during the treatment, I ordered 30 min foot massage 30 min Thai massage. Got the free scrubs for foot massage. Very skilled therapist that treated me 30 min more at no extra charge, that would never have happened if it was a Norwegian ??!!! Taking off my hat for such a serviceminded people ... cannot be compared with other parts of the world, they have a separate class ... So for 1.5 hour treatment, I paid 320, ridiculously cheap!!!! I'll be back again this week, there is no doubt about it ... RATING DICE 6

Nikki Palmstrøm